"I had the opportunity to work for Jim for a year and half as he led the Product Development team to develop top-tier content for multiple customers. As a manager and leader, Jim had the ability to make each individual on the team feel cared about, understood, and motivated to contribute the very best they had to offer. He guided the team in creating content that was not only clear but artistically pleasing and strategically aligned with company goals. As a leader, Jim was visionary in ideating and creating a new team focused primarily on one-on-one content consulting. I would highly recommend Jim."

/  DIANE STEWART, Product Manager at Domo, Inc.  /


"I've worked with Jim since 2012, and consider him to be on the bleeding edge of all that happens in the digital space. Jim is verybright at knowing how to harness technology to distribute amessage in a meaningful way. I highly recommend him."

/  JOHN DYE, Social Media & Influencer Marketing Strategist  /


"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jim Anderson on several museum and visitor center exhibits that have been used in the domestic United States and around the world e.g. in Rome, Mexico City, Washington DC, Sao Paulo, San Diego etc. Jim and I have spent a significant amount of time working together on ad and social campaigns designed to introduce people from 30 languages to localized websites that provide various products and services. During this time I’ve found Jim to be of the highest integrity, with an incredible work ethic. I never had to worry about what he was doing because he’s a great problem solver and has the propensity to be proactive, put first things first, begin with the end in mind and synergize with his associates. I highly recommend Jim."

/  DAVE PREECE | Product, Market, and Business Strategist, Team Builder, Collaborator  /


"Jim only worked for me a short time as a Project Manager, but in that time I became quite impressed with his follow through, work ethic, and overall positive attitude. He was always open to new ideas, looked for creative ways to accomplish tasks, and continually worked hard to deliver our internet marketing and e-commerce projects on time and to client satisfaction. As such, I can highly recommend Jim for any Project Manager, technology or Product Development position."