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Anderson Digital partners with technology companies to provide custom content development solutions. Think of us as an extension of your Learning and Development team. We meet with you during a Discovery Session, where we identify your learning objectives and then suggest customized solutions to help you meet those needs. Whether you are deploying software to 20,000 end users around the globe, or training admins on a specific technology that you support - Anderson Digital can provide a solution.

The following is an example of a typical Instructor-led video that we produce. The video produced specifically for the IT Department for the State of Michigan to allow their end users to catch the vision of what is possible when they transition to the cloud using Office 365.


Engaging Your Audience: Start With Why


If you are familiar with Simon Sinek, you have probably heard of the phrase “Start with Why.” Our instructional designers understand that if you want your learners to care about your initiative - whether it be a large software deployment or a specialized how-to training on a new process: it’s very important to start with why and allow your learners to envision what is possible with the new software tool or technology solution.

In this example, we have produced A Day in the Life of O365 to showcase the many use cases for how an end user could interact with coworkers and increase their productivity thru a cloud migration to Office 365. While this first video in the course was not instructional in nature, it was very well received and engaged learners throughout the rest of the course where they learned how to apply these concepts to their workday.

Executive Sponsorship

A Key to Successful adoption

Too many technology companies place instructional training ahead of inspiring employees and empowering them with a vision for why a change initiative is important to the organization. As you consider your own initiatives, do not underestimate the influence that an executive sponsor can have on a deployment or an initiative. An executive sponsor not only paints the vision for the end user, but having their involvement in your project can solidify their support of your project. Consider the following example of an executive sponsorship from a CTO, CDO, and CIO of a major US manufacturing company:


"Gone are the days of expecting a content library to train your people. You need relevant, compelling digital content developed based on best practices of instructional design and blended learning in order to engage today’s online learner.”

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